• What is a Hotel Room Block?

    A hotel room block is a designated number of rooms, set aside at a specific hotel that are held for guests within a specific group or wedding party, usually at a discounted rate. Many hotels offer this service upon request, but it is often a time-intensive endeavor to navigate without experience. When an occasion calls for friends and family to gather together at the same hotel, you can be sure that our team can find hotel properties that will offer your guests a wonderful experience at an excellent price – all with minimal demands on your time.

    Please note that our complimentary room block service is for groups needing at least 30 rooms/night per hotel.

  • What is the Cost of Using Where Will They Stay?

    Like a travel agent, our industry certifications allow us to serve as an outside sales team for the hotel industry, which lets us get great pricing on a hotel room block for your guests.

    For researching available hotel options, negotiating great rates and managing the proposal/agreement process, we offer two service levels:

    Signature Service: FREE

    This service level covers 95% of our clients. At this level, we will identify and negotiate rates at up to five hotels – these options can include specifically requested properties, or ones we identify based on your parameters. The more information you give us to start, the more customized we can make your initial proposal of options.

    Premium Service: $249

    Think you will want a few more options? This service level includes a report of up to 15 hotel options, in multiple rounds if needed.

  • Which Cities Do You Work In?

    We work with properties throughout the U.S. and Canada.

  • How Far In Advance Should I Contact You?

    We recommend 9-12 months in advance of your event date. Please note that we cannot quote pricing more than 1 year out; and also that we recommend starting the process at least 2-4 weeks before you want to distribute the information to your guests.

  • How Many Rooms Do I Need to Book?

    You will need to book at least 30 rooms per night to qualify for our complimentary service, as well as discounted pricing from the hotel.

  • What If I’m Working With an Event/Wedding Planner?

    That’s perfect! Please note your planner’s name in the Room Block Request-ionnaire and we will make sure to thank them for the referral!

  • What if I am an Event/Wedding Planner?

    Wonderful! Please check out more about Event Pro Partnership Program.

  • Should I Just Book the Rooms Myself?

    Statistics show that the majority of people spend more than 500 hours planning a wedding… Why not save time and money where you can by using our free service? We save you the time and hassle of calling, recalling and sometimes downright stalking hotels for the info you need. In addition, we also help walk you through any necessary hotel contracts or paperwork so that you know exactly what to expect.

  • Should We Book Blocks at Multiple Hotels?

    With more than 15 years of room block experience, we find that our clients who choose one hotel are the happiest. Most of all that’s because having everyone in the same place extends the celebration into more than just one event or one night- it’s about the time spent together around the hotel pool, bar or lobby.

    However, we know that often guests do have different budgets- for that reason, it does sometimes make more sense to choose two hotels options at different price points.

    Unless you are having an event with a very large guest count and/or lots of out of town guests, we have found that more than two options are rarely needed. Please note we require at least 30 rooms/night to be booked in order to be eligible for our complimentary room block booking service.

  • Will I Be Able to Compare Various Hotel Options Before Making a Final Decision?

    Definitely! Once we have narrowed down possible hotel options through our customized outreach methods and based on your needs, we will present you with a complete report to help you decide which property is right for you. We will do the work, yet you will retain the decision-making powers.

  • What is a Courtesy Block? A Contracted Block?

    Hotels have different policies on the number of rooms they will reserve for a block, and also what they require from you. Your customized report will outline all the options, but here is a short summary of the difference between courtesy blocks, courtesy rates, and contract blocks:

    • A courtesy block is where a hotel will hold a block of rooms (usually 15 or less), and give you and your guests a cutoff date (usually a month prior to check-in). At the cutoff date, the hotel will release any unreserved rooms in the block back into their inventory, and there is no financial obligation for you.
    • A courtesy rate does not hold a block of rooms, but also does not require a financial obligation on your part. Your guests will receive your special rate as long as there is availability. The key here is to get your guests to book as quickly as possible so that room availability does not become a factor.
    • A contract block is for a specified number of rooms, and you are financially obligated if the rooms are not booked. Contracted blocks are used most often in high-demand areas or sought after dates, and also when a large number of rooms are needed.

    The various types of blocks depend on your dates of stay, preferred hotels and event location. No matter what, your room block expert will explain your final hotel agreement, and answer any questions along the way.

  • What If I Already Know the Hotel(s) I Want?

    Whether you know which hotel you want to use already, or you want our expert recommendations – we can help. Just fill out our Room Block Request-ionnaire and note the properties that you are most interested in, and we will take it from there!

    Please note that hotels keep records of all inquiries for discounted room block rates, and redundant requests could hurt our chances of getting the best rate for you. For that reason, please let us know if there are any hotels you have already been in touch with prior to contacting us.

  • I’m In! What’s Next?

    Please fill out the Room Block Request-ionnaire. As soon as we confirm all the info about your event dates and details, we will put together a customized proposal with several options for your review. Once your hotel room agreement is signed, you will receive a complete Where Will They Stay? booking link with personalized instructions that can be sent out to all your out-of-town guests. It really is that easy!

    Didn’t find what you were looking for? You can always contact us.