Should We Book Blocks at Multiple Hotels?

With more than 15 years of room block experience, we find that our clients who choose one hotel are the happiest. Having everyone in the same place extends the celebration beyond just one event or one night and adds more time to spend together around the hotel pool, bar or lobby.

However, we know that guests can often have different budgets. For that reason, it can make sense to choose two hotel options at different price points. 

In rarer cases, hotel availability might require the need for more than one hotel to accommodate your entire party. Unless you’re having an event with a very large guest count and/or lots of out-of-town guests, we’ve found that more than two options are rarely needed. 

To receive our free service, please note that courtesy room blocks must include at least 20 rooms per night per hotel. Guaranteed/contracted blocks require at least 10 rooms per night per hotel.