What is a Hotel Room Block?

A hotel room block is a designated number of rooms set aside at a specific hotel, often at a discount rate. Those rooms are held for guests who are part of a specific group event or wedding party. Many hotels offer this service upon request, but it’s often a time-intensive endeavor to navigate if you don’t have experience booking a hotel block. 

That’s when Where Will They Stay comes into play. 

We’re a complimentary service that sources a selection of room blocks for any event (weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family reunions, corporate events – you name it). We take this time-consuming task off your plate so you can focus on event planning. Plus, the entire process is turnkey and requires zero effort on your part. 

When an occasion calls for friends and family to gather together at the same hotel, our team can find hotel properties that offer your guests a wonderful experience at an excellent price – all with minimal demands on your time. Additionally, we can ensure our suggested properties satisfy your needs in terms of amenities, price, location, etc. Then you select the hotel(s) that are right for you!

We have two packages you can choose from: 


This service level covers 95% of our clients. At this level, we identify rates at up to five hotels – these options can include specifically requested properties or ones we identify based on your parameters. The more information you give us to start, the more we can customize your proposal. 


Want more options? The premium service includes a report of 6-15 additional hotel options. It’s  ideal for clients who want more than two final hotel blocks for their guests. Let’s discuss your needs and see if the service upgrade is right for you.

To receive our free service, please note that courtesy room blocks must include at least 20 rooms per night per hotel. Guaranteed/contracted blocks require at least 10 rooms per night per hotel.