What is the Cost of Using Where Will They Stay?

It’s free! If you would like us to provide you up to five hotels, our service is completely complimentary. If you would like more hotel options, please explore our Premium Service below. 

Like a travel agent, our industry certification allows us to serve as an outside sales team and helps us get great pricing on a hotel room block for your guests.

Our services include researching available hotel options, negotiating great rates and managing the proposal/agreement process. That said, we offer two service plans:

Signature Service: FREE

This service level covers 95% of our clients. At this level, we identify rates at up to five hotels – these options can include specifically requested properties or ones we identify based on your parameters. The more information you give us to start, the more we can customize your proposal. 

Premium Service: $249

Want more options? The premium service includes a report of up to 15 hotels. It’s also ideal for clients who want more than two final hotel blocks for their guests. Let’s discuss your needs and see if the service upgrade is right for you.

Are All Your Hotel Rates Discounted?

The rates we present are the same or lower than what you could access on your own. The hotels’ rates are based on a number of factors beyond our relationship with the property and the number of rooms you need. Rates and potential discounts also vary based on availability, location, seasonality and more. 

That said, we always do our best to negotiate the best possible rates for you and your guests.