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Group reservations for any occasion

Researching hotels, comparing amenities and negotiating group rates is time-consuming and stressful. Plus, handling group hotel bookings distracts from planning other aspects of the event, from bachelorette parties and family reunions to work meetings and conferences. That’s why we created Where Will They StayWhere Will They Stay is your go-to resource for booking group hotel reservations that are specifically selected for your event and guests. 

Our hotel experts research all available hotel options in the destination of your event. Then, we negotiate rates and manage all the paperwork at the hotel of your choosing. To ensure you receive the service you need, we developed two service packages:

Signature Service: Free

Our group hotel booking Signature Service is completely complimentary, all while sourcing the best hotels for your budget. This plan includes rates and information for up to five hotels. When you choose a hotel, our hotel experts handle the entire agreement process from negotiation to signing contracts. 

Premium Service: $249

For group travel planners interested in more hotel booking options, the premium service is available. This plan includes a report of up to 15 hotels, comparing rates and details. This is the best option for those who need more than two hotel blocks for guests, while still having us manage the entire process for you.

Group Room Blocks
for All Occasions

Weddings aren’t the only extravaganza that call for hotel room blocks. Social events, sporting activities and work-related functions also require group hotel bookings. Our team can help you check one more task off your to-do list by guiding you through the entire reservation process. Our hotel experts can assist bookings for:

a group of people with hats and confetti at a party

Social Event Group Reservations

From bar and bat mitzvahs to bachelor and bachelorette parties, Where Will They Stay will create a customized proposal complete with room rates, amenities, dining, parking and more.

After negotiations, we reserve a block of hotel rooms for your out-of-town guests and create a custom booking link. This can make family reunions especially easy, taking the confusion out of which family members are staying where.

a conference with stadium seating and a large stage

Work-Related Group Room Blocks

When planning a work function such as a retreat, meeting or conference, you’re focused on lining up team-building activities, discussion groups, upskill classes, luncheons so much more. The entire agenda-planning process is overwhelming.

That’s where Where Will They Stay comes in. Our experts can take hotel room blocks off your to-do list, leaving you more time to focus on designing a productive company event or conference. We can also help you secure an on-site meeting space.

an aerial view of a baseball stadium

Sporting Event Hotel Room Blocks

Whether you’re a minor-league or professional sports team, away games and overnight stays are a way of life. Teams need a hotel that’s convenient to the stadium or arena, has a reputation for quiet rooms, and serves post-game room service.

Our room block team can find the best hotels and negotiate the best room rates for your budget so you can spend all your energy on game-winning plays.

Less time & stress so you can focus on your special event

Where Will They Stay’s services save you time and alleviate stress so you can focus on having fun at your celebration or maintaining productivity at a work-related event. Our team has years of experience booking group room blocks, so we have the expertise necessary to oversee the entire process from start to finish. 

With national buying power and top industry connections, we’re able to negotiate hotel group rates at the best price points for every budget—all for free. Because we research multiple options, we ensure you stay at the perfect hotel for your group and its activities.

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