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Where Will They Stay takes the guesswork out of booking a hotel block for your upcoming event. Our team of hotel experts has the right connections and negotiating power to book the perfect hotel for you and your guests. So, how do hotel blocks work? It’s easy! Check out the four simple steps below, and we’ll take care of the rest—for free!


Send Us Your Event Information

Simply tell us about your event, regardless of it’s a wedding, conference, family reunion, bachelorette party or any other gathering. 

To receive our free service, please note that courtesy room blocks must include at least 20 rooms per night per hotel. Guaranteed/contracted blocks require at least 10 rooms per night per hotel. 


We Send You a Customized Proposal

Based on the details you provide (the more info the better!), our room block experts create a customized proposal with five hotel options that meet your desired criteria. 

Your proposal arrives in your Inbox within 5 business days, and it includes all key information you need to know, such as the hotel rate, amenities, dining, upgrades, parking and more. It will also include whether the hotel offers a hotel courtesy block or guaranteed room block

Our team can walk you through the proposal specifics, answer any questions and handle negotiating hotel rates.


Choose Your Hotel

Let us know which hotel(s) you choose, and we’ll send you the hotel’s necessary paperwork. As hotel experts, we’re highly versed in these contracts, so we ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed or confused by them.


Share the News With Your Guests

After the hotel blocks are confirmed, we send you a unique booking link and reservation information to share with your guests. This link makes it incredibly turnkey for your guests to book their stay.

Plus, It's Free!

There are no hidden fees or charges to use Where Will They Stay to book your hotel block(s). It’s 100% free! We receive a commission from the hotels based on the number of rooms you book. And, there’s no commitment or pressure to book through us. 

Signature Service: Free

This service level covers 95% of our clients. At this level, we identify rates at up to five hotels – these options can include specifically requested properties or ones we identify based on your parameters. The more information you give us to start, the more we can customize your proposal. 

Premium Service: $249

Want more options? The premium service includes a report of 6-15 additional hotel options. It’s  ideal for clients who want more than two final hotel blocks for their guests. Let’s discuss your needs and see if the service upgrade is right for you.

With the help of our experts, you no longer need to wonder, “Where will they stay?”

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