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for Weddings

Booking a wedding hotel block is time-consuming & stressful. That’s where we come in.

Where Will They Stay’s wedding hotel block signature service is 100% free – no strings attached. Our experts work with you to track down the best hotel blocks for weddings, each one tailored to your event and guests. This includes being fully catered to your requests, such as room quantity, property type, location, amenities, accessibility and so much more.

Our services include researching available hotel options, negotiating great rates and managing the agreement process. That said, we offer two service plans:

Signature Service: Free

95% of our clients select this service. We identify rates and details for up to five hotels, including any you already like. How is it free, you ask? We receive a commission from the hotel based on how many rooms you need.

Premium Service: $249

Want more than five hotel blocks for your wedding? The premium service includes a report of up to 15 hotels. It’s also ideal for clients who want more than two final hotel blocks for their guests.

How to Book a Hotel Block for Weddings

Our team of wedding hotel block experts is here to guide you through how to book a hotel for wedding celebrations. We take the entire process off your plate so you can focus your attention elsewhere instead of wondering, “Where will they stay?


Tell Us What You Need in a Wedding Hotel Block

Whether you’re an event planner or a host planning your own wedding, we can help. 

Simply tell us about the big day so we can get to work sourcing your wedding hotel block. 


We Send You a Customized Proposal

Based on the information you provide (the more info the better!), our experts in hotel blocks for weddings create a customized proposal with five hotel options that meet your desired criteria. 

We email you the proposal within 3-5 business days. It features all the key information you need to know about the property and the wedding hotel block, including the hotel rates, amenities, dining, upgrades, parking and more. 

Our team can walk you through the specifics, answer any questions and handle negotiating hotel rates. 


Reserve a Wedding Room Block

Reserving a hotel block for wedding guests has never been so easy. Let us know which hotel(s) you want to book, and we’ll send you the necessary paperwork. As hotel experts, we’re highly versed in these contracts, so we ensure you don’t feel overwhelmed or confused by them.


Share the News With Wedding Guests

After the wedding room block is confirmed, we provide you a dedicated booking link to share with your guests. This custom URL makes it incredibly easy for your guests to book their hotel stay.

Courtesy Room Block vs Guaranteed Room Block

Hotels have different policies on the number of rooms they reserve for a wedding room block. This includes what they require from you as the host. In the customized room block proposal you receive from us, we outline all the hotel block options, including which are courtesy room wedding blocks and which are guaranteed/contract blocks.

To receive our free service, please note that courtesy room blocks must include at least 20 rooms per night per hotel. Guaranteed blocks require at least 10 rooms per night per hotel. 

Courtesy Room Definition

Courtesy room blocks are particularly popular for weddings. A courtesy block demands no financial obligation, which saves you money if fewer rooms are booked than you expected. In other words, you won’t have to pay for any unbooked rooms yourself. However, those rooms are not guaranteed to you, so others outside your party can still reserve those rooms if demand is high.  

Guaranteed Room Block Definition

With a guaranteed room block, the hotel rooms are dedicated to you and can’t be booked by others outside your party. These blocks are ideal for high-demand destinations and dates. However, your group will be required to book a set percentage of rooms, also known as a hotel attrition rate. If that percentage of rooms aren’t booked, you could be charged for them.

When Should You Block Hotel Rooms for a Wedding?

Our recommendation for when you should block hotel rooms for a wedding is 9-12 months in advance of your wedding date. The minimum turnaround time is three months, but that likely results in fewer hotel options and less time for your guests to book in your block. More time provides for greater availability for your wedding room block, especially if the wedding takes place in the summer or on holidays.

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